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Tree Removal

Tree Removal is one of the more common services used in the tree surgery industry.

Tree removal or Tree dismantling is the heaviest form of tree surgery and can sometimes be a complicated and time consuming procedure. Depending on the position of the Tree undergoing removal, this technique varies greatly on the amount of work needed to complete the work safely and efficiently.

There are many different reasons and causes as to why we, Sussex Tree Surgery have performed tree removals over the years in the tree surgery industry. Sussex Tree Surgery will only condemn a tree if we feel there are no other forms of tree surgery that will help the tree recover. If a tree has reached a point where it has become a danger to members of public or its surroundings, Sussex Tree Surgery will act upon it quickly and effectively.

Diseased Trees

A diseased tree is a common cause for tree removal, usually if the disease is contagious to surrounding trees such as the well known and fast spreading disease of ash die back, which is explained on our news page. Also known as Chalara Fraxinea, the ash die back disease can spread through the ash tree population. Sussex Tree Surgery have diagnosed this disease more commonly over the last year and have acted upon it to slow the spread of the tree disease by removing the infected tree.

Tree Decay

Decay at the base of a tree is an indication of an underlying problem to a trees health. This is not a reason to remove a tree but a certain indication that the tree needs attention. Some customers do decide to have the tree removed for peace of mind if the tree is close to a building or an area in which the tree could be a danger if it was to fail. Sussex Tree Surgery will give a professional opinion on what technique of tree surgery is to be used but we do take our customers needs and opinions very seriously and in most cases, the tree in distress is removed.

Tree Removal for Buildings

Many tree removals that Sussex Tree Surgery have dealt with over the years, aside from the reasons above, have been carried out to create a larger amount of space in the grounds of a property, or for a new building to take its place such as extensions or new builds.

Dead Trees

The most common cause of tree removal is a deceased/ dead tree. A deceased tree can be a much greater threat than any other. This is because when a tree is dead but still standing, the tree is no longer able to adjust to its needs to with stand a variety of risks such as, heavy wind and rain. Rain causes the soil around the roots and base to soften. Following this, heavy wind is able to lift root pallets of trees causing them to fall. A dead tree will also no longer function to produce strength in its support system, resulting in the tree to decay and rot through the tree cambium layer. 

Tree removal is dangerous work and must be undertaken by professionals. Please get in touch with Sussex Tree Surgery for a free tree inspection for your piece of mind.




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