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Tree Surgery Chainsaw Cut a Tree down

What is Tree Surgery?

Tree surgery, also known as Arboriculture, has a variety of work methods which are performed in different situations for various reasons. Which is why we recommend consulting a professional Arborist / tree surgeon to obtain information and recommendations for carrying out correct and suitable practices of tree care. This is where we come in....

Many people are unaware of what our role as an Arborist or tree surgeon is.... and the techniques we use to complete various works. Arboriculture is a generic word used to describe our industry, the world of trees. This may sound vast, and it is…


Tree Surgery is more than Cutting Trees

Arboriculture and tree surgery isn't just about working on and cutting trees. It is understanding the Biology of trees, how trees will thrive in certain conditions and not in others - how a tree may be declining in health and the causes of those symptoms such as poor physiological condition or Fungus.

We Diagnose and Treat Trees

Identifying health issues, structural damage or maintaining the current good health of a tree is all part of our job as Arborists. This is all before we have even considered loading up machinery, reaching for our climbing kit and getting to the physical and practical side of our industry....climbing trees via rope access, and carrying out the works that have been carefully thought through.

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Some Trees are Protected by Law

Tree Preservation Orders are also a part of our working life... and in our opinion, are very important in preserving and protecting trees from drastic works and unnecessary felling and removals.

Working alongside our councils in consulting the proposed works for a tree subject to a TPO is very important.

Sometimes, it is necessary for a tree to be removed. Whether it is due to poor health, a danger to its surroundings or selectively removing a poor specimen tree(s) to allow a high quality specimen or young trees to thrive for years to come.

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