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Tree Crown Thinning

Tree crown thinning is a method of pruning that allows light to penetrate through the crown and reduces wind resistance on the tree, preventing failure and wind damage to branches.                       

crown thinning


Crown thinning is a technique used commonly after a crown reduction has been performed. It is achieved by a selective removal of branches within the crown. The branches removed can be of any size and are chosen for removal if they unbalance the appearance of the crown, cause a restrictive flow of air and light through the crown which is vital for a trees health and if an overload of growth is causing too much stress to one branch.

Why choose Crown thinning?

Tree Crown thinning is performed for a variety of reasons. Many of our customers choose this technique of tree surgery for their tree to allow more sun light through to their property or garden, whereas many customers choose tree crown thinning for the health of the tree and to allow sun light to reach other plants or smaller trees to benefit them and encourage growth and good health.

How does tree crown thinning maintain health for your tree?

Sussex Tree Surgery recommend tree crown thinning after a crown reduction has been performed. Crown thinning maintains a healthy structure to the tree and involves removing dead wood from the crown and any branches that interfere or rub together which damages the branch and can allow decay to set in effecting the reproductive growth.

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