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Dangerous and unhealthy trees

Dangerous tree - With Rotting core

Ensuring your trees are safe

Dangerous trees can vary greatly in severity and sometimes do not show obvious symptoms of a tree that is declining in health or weakening structurally.

It is common for many people to disregard a tree as dangerous after a limb/ branch has broken off, however, this still poses a threat to the safety and health of the tree. Limb failure can be due to natural causes such as heavy wind or an underlying health problem to the tree.

Either way, a heavy limb that has failed, generally leaves a large wound to the stem and deep tears to the cambium layer.


Dangerous Tree Splitting

Signs of a Dangerous Tree

In most cases, the signs and symptoms of a dangerous tree are obvious on visual inspection.

These symptoms may include: Decay visible at the base of the tree, fractures in the supporting timber, a lifted root plate or leaning tree, heavy decay cavities within the crown, a variety of fungi - of which many affect the structural strength and overall physical health of the tree.

Common Causes of Dangerous Trees

Wind damage is a sudden safety issue and is caused by sudden shock loading or stress to the structure of the tree - to the point where failure has occurred, or damage has been caused to a degree where the tree is no longer safe at all.

Other causes relating to the trees general health such as diseases, decay, die back or a deceased tree, are progressive problems. 


Recommended Tree Works Report

Sussex Tree Surgery offer a tree inspection service and provide you with a full written report, including a recommended works report which identifies the works required to reinstate the safety of the tree (if necessary and if possible).

On some occasions, the tree may need to be removed if we feel the safety threat is too great for the tree to be made safe, by any other practice of tree surgery.


What should I do if I suspect my tree is dangerous?

Sussex Tree Surgery recommends that if any of these health symptoms are noticed, or you have any concerns that a tree is dangerous or unhealthy, to call us as a matter of urgency.

We at Sussex Tree Surgery are more than happy to help and always make a dangerous tree a priority.

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